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09 June 2008 @ 02:59 pm
Late Night Dreams  

Rain pounding against the glass.

Lighting flashing.

Anger. Rage. Protests being made.

Lights flickering. Books on a table.

"I can't believe you've been doing this!"

"Shut up! This isn't your business!"

"Like bloody hell it isn't! You've put my reputation on the line too! How could you?!"

"You're going to keep your mouth shut!"

"Don't you tell me what I'm going to be quiet about! I'm going to let everyone know the truth!"

A flash of blue light.

A return flash of yellow light.

I jerk awake, sitting up right in the bed. I hear a crash outside my room, and then a flash of lightning. It's storming out right now.

What the hell was that?

Two voices... one that sounded like mine... the other I don't recognize. I frown as I try to push to remember it, and the pounding in my head goes from slight to annoying. I back off from it and the ache ceases.

I slip out of the bed and make my way into the small kitchen. The flat that George Weasley is kindly letting me live in is small, but efficient. I don't care about the size really, just glad to be somewhere.

I open the icebox and take out the pitcher of juice, and then open the cupboard and take out a glass. As I pour myself a drink, I reflect on the past couple weeks.

I don't mind working at his store. It gets my mind off things and keeps me busy. I know it's not something I normally do...in fact I definitely know it's not. My hands feel more comfortable holding books, like the ones I found stashed in the bedroom. But at the moment I don't care. Beggars can't be choosers.

I sit down, sipping from my glass and I try to figure out what that dream meant. But the second I start to delve into it, the headache returns. I suppose I'm not ready.

One of these days however, I won't care how bad the headaches will be. I will find out.
Current Mood: awakeawake