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31 July 2008 @ 01:31 am
Inventions, Interrupted.  

I look up from the counter. "Yes?"

"We can't find the Squish and Puffs."

I frown. Oh those. Delightful thing they are. I wound up taking a shower last time I handled them. "They were moved to another aisle. Third one."

The teen witch grins. "Thanks!"

"Excuse me?"

I look to see another witch. Younger.

"Are there any more Pygmy Puffs?"

I shake my head. "We're getting a new shipment tomorrow, though."

"Okay, I'll make sure to come in tomorrow."

I handle the next few requests easily enough. I'm getting more and more comfortable working here. I think it's because I at least know my first name.


Now if I can only learn everything else. I'm learning I'm not that patient.

As the day goes by, and the customers are less and less, I finally look up at the clock. Almost time to close. Should see if George is all right. He's been locked in his office all day.

I wait until the last couple customers leave, and then I make my way into the back. There are a couple items that need to be stocked for tomorrow. I knock on the door. "George?" And start to open it.

"NO! Don't--"


Frowning, I open the door.

And stop dead in my tracks.

Oh... my... Merlin...

I clap a hand over my mouth.

I try not to laugh.

But it is kind of funny.

I feel my mouth twitch as George Weasley stares back at me. All I had done was notice a couple items out of stock and came back to his office to tell him, and ask where they were (I had been working here long enough to know where most of it is, but these two items I didn't) so I could restock...

And now he's covered in feathers, green spray, and something else...

All I did was open the door.
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George Weasley: Sillybah_george on July 31st, 2008 05:40 am (UTC)
I look at Velesca then spit out a feather that was almost swallowed. "Not exactly the effect I was going for," I remark, then glance at my clothes. "Though feather do have a slimming effect, don't you think?" I grin.

She snorts. But I can see she wants to laugh, even covering her mouth to prevent herself from doing so. "What were you doing?"

"I was inventing, then you decided I needed to dress up like a chicken," I answer with a laugh. My latest invention is still in it's early stages, mostly playing with different ideas and making quick prototypes.

She rolls her eyes. "All I did was open the door."

"Well, when I'm inventing, opening a door can lead to some very interesting side effects."

"I noticed. Need to use the shower upstairs?" She asks, lowering her hand. There's a smile there. She's pretty when she smiles.

"Let's see if some magic works first." I take out my wand and cast a few spells. It looks like most of the feathers as well as some of the other things are now fixed up. "Better?" I think my skin is a bit green. That's not a normal skin tone.

She lets out a laugh. "Only if you're half mermaid." She shrugs. "Or merman I suppose."

It took me turning green and being covered in feathers to make her laugh, but it happened. "True. Though they're really not a happy bunch." I try to brush off some off my arm without any luck.

She aims her wand at me, and casts a spell. My skin soon turns back to its normal colour.

"It seems you're remembering your magic," I compliment.

"Seems so. Be a bit more careful with your inventions though. Oh, we're almost closed, but a couple things need to be stocked before we close up. Squish and Puffs, and Nasty Delights. I can't find them in the stock room, yet I know they must be there."

"Did you look all over the stock room?" I ask.

She gives me on her patented looks. "Yes."

"All of it?" Sometimes boxes move and I think some of them happen to move on their own, but things are always found.
Velasca: Reservedbah_velasca on July 31st, 2008 05:42 am (UTC)
Now I'm wondering if he's playing me or I really didn't look everywhere. I shift on my feet, no longer sure I did.

"Yes..." I say trailing off.

He shrugs and head in the direction of the storeroom.

I follow him. I bet five knuts he'll end up finding them. His storeroom likes him.

He opens the door and looks around then looks up. "Apparently you didn't look everywhere," he points a small shelf built into the ceiling.

I resist the urge to scowl. "Never saw that one."

He grins. "Now you have."

I sigh. "This storeroom hates me."

"It's a bit tricky. You'll learn."

"After a couple months here, I thought I have." I sigh. "All right, I'll finish up here. Didn't mean to interrupt your inventing."

He shrugs. "No harm, no foul." He pauses. "Okay, maybe some foul, but what can you expect with feathers?" he grins.