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16 September 2008 @ 08:40 pm
An Early Morning Storm  

"Turn around and leave. Forget what you know."

The voice is cold and hard, unlike the usually smooth voice I'm used to hearing.

"No." My own voice sounds shaky. "This is wrong..."

"It's just business."

"Illegal business!"

"Don't you lecture me Velasca!"

Thunder claps.

A flash of lightning reveals his face, usually so calm and caring, now matching his voice, hard and cold.


I jerk into a sitting position on my bed, the loud thunderous booms outside, bringing me out of an uneasy sleep.

I glance out the window, to see a flash of lightning. A storm has started.

And the same one has been brewing silently inside me for a while now.

I've been having these dreams for a while now.

But until now, I haven't seen the face behind the cold voice.

Familiarity runs through me as the face pops up again in my mind, but then so does a headache. Another clap of thunder, less thunderous than the last one, and then I hear the drippings of the rain. You wouldn't think this would be morning, considering how dark it is out there, but it is.

It's supposed to be sunny during the day, but right now the weather is matching my mood.

I need to figure out what these dreams are referring to, what the flashes of light that usually accompany them mean. If they're the reason why I woke up in England, with no memory, just my wand and a few changes of clothing.

I know my name.

My first name at least.

But I need to know more.

And these dreams aren't enough.
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