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09 May 2008 @ 08:22 pm
Waking Up Completely Blank  

I open my eyes and wince.

My head hurts.

Perhaps there's a potion nearby to take care of it.

I open my eyes back up and notice that I am in an odd bed. Not my bed... well I think it's my bed. Is it? I frown at the question. I should know if I am in my bed... shouldn't I?

All this makes my head start to pound so I shove aside the baffling thoughts and I sit up and look around.

Where am I? This is not my room.

I get up and my legs feel shaky. I walk the length of the room and look out the window.

Where is this place? Where am I?

The last place I was....

Wait. Where was the last place I was?

Paris. Right. Paris. This isn't Paris. Could it?

The question makes my head pound once more. I need something to drink. Water. I look around the room and notice a pitcher of water and a couple glasses on a stand next to a floor length mirror. I walk across the room, over to the water and pour myself a glass. As I drink I look into the mirror.

And I don't recognize what I see.

A woman...I frown. Something else... witch?

Witch. You have a wand....

I have a wand... where? I look around and spot something that must be a wand next to the water pitcher. All right. I turn back to the mirror.

And once more recognize absolutely nothing.

I don't recognize the face I see. The eyes, the hair. The clothes... my feet are bare.

I start as I hear a knock on the door. "Housekeeping!" I hear as they enter. "Oh, sorry Miss--" She trails off, the women obviously not knowing my name.

My name. What is my name?

I don't know my name. I don't recognize what I saw in the mirror. I mean it's me... but I don't know...

"Miss? Do you need any cleaning up in here?"

Unable to bring myself to answer, I shake my head.

"All right then." She starts to close the door and I feel a panic rise up in me.


She pauses.

I take a couple steps forward. "Could you happen to tell me where I am?"

The housekeeper gives me an odd look. "The Leaky Cauldron, Miss."

Nothing. Blank. Does not ring any bells. "And whereabouts is the Leaky Cauldron?"

She frowns now. "Miss, you're in London, England. Are you all right?"

No. I am not all right. I recognize London, I know that I'm a witch and what a wand is, but I know nothing else. This is not right!

"Uh... could you direct me to the manager?"

"Best not leave until you put your shoes on. I'm still cleaning up, ya know."

Shoes. I look down and notice I'm barefoot. But where are my shoes? I look around the room quickly and spot a pair near the bed. I hurry over and slip them on. Before I leave, I glance at my wand.

Might need that.

I grab it and turn to the housekeeper, stepping out and closing the door. "Manager?"

"Down the hall, turn right, you'll come to a set of staircases. Go down, take two rights and you'll find the him." She gives me the directions slowly as if speaking to someone who's muddled in the head.

You might as well be.

I don't argue with that thought, and follow her directions. Soon enough I'm where she directed. An older gentleman is standing behind the counter, looking a bit weary and rough.

"Ex-" I start out, stop. I swallow nervously. "Excuse me...?"

He turns to me. "Oh hello Miss. Feeling better? The gentleman that brought you in said you might be out of sorts when you woke up."

I stare at him, feeling out of sorts. More than out of sorts. Bloody confused. Bloody? Okay... so I must have spent time here in England before.... "Um... I know this is going to sound quite strange, but did the gentleman that got me that room... did he say anything?"

The man frowns. "No, ma'am. Just said that you weren't feeling very well and needed a place to sleep."

"Did he give a name at least?"

"His name? No."

I close my eyes, the throbbing in my head starting to get louder. I bite the bullet. "What about mine?"

"Beg your pardon Miss?"

"My name," I repeat in a whisper. "I can't--"

"All I got Miss for a sign in was V. K."

I open my eyes. "V.K?"

He nods. "Yes. That's it." He frowns. "He paid for your room. You have two more days of room and board here, which means meals. You may want to rest up some more. I'm sure whatever happened will pass with some good sleep."

You think not knowing my name, who I am exactly other than a witch that somehow is in London England, and nothing else will just be solved by sleep? Sleep?

I don't say what I'm thinking. If one needs to be hysterical, one does it privately. An audience will not do.

"Thank you," I say politely, holding back the urge to panic until I get back to my room.

"Your welcome Miss."

I turn away and walk back upstairs. Everything feels longer... A second feels like a minute. By the time I finally get back to my room, I run to my bed and curl up in it, feeling a tightness in my chest.

I don't know who I am.

Oh Merlin.

I don't know WHO I am.

I gasp for breath.

I DON'T know WHO I am.

This can't be happening.

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